• I leak a lot and my cups are always full of milk, is the damp environment ok for my nipples?

    A moist environment is conducive to healing and helps to prevent cracks and abrasions. However, excessive moisture exposure can irritate the nipples and surrounding skin and potentially delay wound healing.

    We recommend taking a break from wearing Silverette® for a few hours each day, or as needed. Air those nips out ;-). This is particularly important if you are a heavy leaker and/or you notice your nipples are often damp.

    Please exercise caution with this and monitor your nipples and surrounding skin daily.

  • Can I use Lanolin or other balms?

    Silverette® are an all-in-one nipple aid, so you don't need any balms or ointments. Also, using other nipple treatments at the same time as wearing Silverette® may reduce the efficacy and/or degrade the silver.

    If you would like to use both, alternate between the two, ie. wear the cups during the day and cream at night (or vice versa).

    What's important is that you don't let any other nipple care products come into contact with the cups as this could tarnish the silver.

  • I have been prescribed a thrush cream, can I use this while using my Silverettes®?

    We recommend taking a break from using your Silverettes® while you complete your thrush (candida albicans) treatment. Thrush is notoriously difficult to kill and while it won't survive on Silverettes®, there is no clear time frame as to how long it takes to die off completely if it does come into contact with your cup. If you would like to continue using Silverette®, use the products separately, ie. cups during the day, cream at night (or vice versa).

  • Can Silverette® be used to prevent pain or damage from occurring?

    Definitely! In fact, it's how we recommend they be used. 'Nip' any issues in the bud is our motto! Start wearing them from day one of your feeding journey to soothe sensitive nipples and help them gently recover from all that wear (but hopefully not tear). Of course, the best way to prevent nipple pain and damage is with a deep latch and good breastfeeding techniques. If you need help with this, reach out to your midwife, a lactation consultant or visit the Ministry of Health website here for help.

  • What exactly are Silverette® cups made of? What is 925 sterling silver?

    Silverette® cups are made of high quality 925 sterling silver aka solid silver. The number 925 represents a percentage - indicating the product contains 92.5% silver. Silverette® cups contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This small amount of copper allows the cups to be molded into shape and makes them more durable (pure/fine 999 silver is too soft and doesn't hold its shape well). Silverette® cups are nickel free.

  • Does the efficacy of Silverette® diminish with time?

    No, the efficacy remains the same (as long as they haven't been damaged). They can be used again and again, with each subsequent child, and then passed on to the next generation for use.

  • Are Silverette® cups safe for me and my baby?

    Yes. No chemicals are passed onto a nursing baby while breastfeeding. Unlike other metals, such as lead and mercury, sterling silver is non-toxic to humans, especially as it is worn on the body. It is worth noting that the rare adverse effects associated with silver have been from silver allergies, or ingesting very large quantities of silver over a long period of time.

  • Are there any contraindications?

    The only known contraindication is a silver or copper allergy, with can cause contact dermatitis. Keep in mind that almost all allergies to sterling silver are caused by the metals that are combined (alloyed) with silver - an actual allergy to silver itself is very rare. While nickel is the primary metal that people are allergic to, copper allergies do occur. If you have a known copper or silver allergy but would like to use the cups, we recommend seeking medical advice first.

  • Will Silverette® still work if my nipples don't come into contact with them?

    Absolutely. Silverette® cups are a medical device, not a medicine, which means there's no direct transfer of ions and therefore no need for the skin to come into contact with the cups. Silverette® inhibit the growth of bacteria, providing a healthy, protective environment for the nipples and surrounding skin. Think of them as armour for your nipples!

  • I have the wrong size, will they still work?

    Totally! The sizing is purely for the comfort factor, so regardless of the size, they will work as intended. Only the cup diameter differs (the part that rests on your areolas), so some mums with larger areolas find the XL size more comfortable to wear - that's the only difference. If your areola measurements indicate that you require the XL size but you have the original size, don't worry, they are still more than suitable. If you find your Silverettes® uncomfortable to wear, O-Feel® rings can help (read more below).

  • What are O-Feel® rings?

    O-Feel® are designed to prevent the "digging in" feeling that some mums experience when wearing Silverette®. They are small rings made entirely of hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone that fit around the edge of the cups, so the silicone, not the metal, sits against your skin. They help keep your Silverettes® in place and provide an extra layer of comfort for engorged, sensitive breasts. They are particularly useful for mums with larger breasts and/or areolas. You can buy them here.