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Sizing guide

Silverette® are available in two sizes - Original and XL.

The sizing only affects comfort, not the effectiveness. Regardless of the size, they will work as intended.

How to determine your size

Original size- Suitable for those with a bra size of a C cup or less and an areola size less than 4.5cm

XL size - Suitable for those with a bra size of a C cup or more OR an areola size of 4.5cm or more

Please also consider that pregnancy and milk production will change the size of your breasts and areolas. If your measurements are on the cusp during pregnancy it would be best to size up, as more than likely your breasts and areolas will enlarge when your milk comes in. It is better to have them slightly bigger than slightly smaller. 

If in doubt, choose XL - it is the best 'one-size-fits-most'.

The same goes if you are ordering them as a gift. If you don't fancy asking the mama how big her areolas are (we get it), choose XL.

If your measurements indicate that you require a different size, this does not mean that your pair is unsuitable - they will still work! Original Silverettes® (the OG) were all that were available before XL came along and they continue to help thousands of mums.

If you are still stuck on what size to choose (we understand it can be confusing), send us a message here, we'll be more than happy to help!